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Beyond Expectation Podcast

Aug 6, 2021

That’s right. We finally took a leap off the edge of safety into the abyss of conspiracy. We know the rules: No speaking ill of the greatest communist regime on earth (China), no implications that the CIA had anything to do with the development and spread of the strongest cold we’ve seen in a while, no downplaying the man-made virus. It’s super strong and kills like everyone it touches – way worse than the black plague. No mocking of the Bill Gates serum that he has marketed as a “vaccine”. Those are the rules. God damn it, we broke Every. Single. One.

Will the tech overlords ban our small little podcast or worse yet, will Brett get a visit from the black suits soon and taken to some undisclosed location never to be heard of again until his story is told in ‘Rendition 2’?

While Brett micro doses on red pills, Eduardo tries to reel him back in with news of Kanye West’s latest (and possibly dopest) album to date.

For those of you lucky enough to hear this episode before it’s banned and the Tip Touch co-hosts end up on some government watch list, we hope you enjoy the show!


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