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Beyond Expectation Podcast

May 28, 2021

In this interview, The Tip Touch caught up with the insanely talented Hip Hop artist, Skypp who hails from Indiana. The first time Brett heard music from the “King of Indiana”, it was a song titled, “Sundown Town”, a track that warns Black Americans while reminding everyone else that racism is still prevalent in parts of our country. He explained in the interview that in 2021 there are still towns in Indiana where a Black person or POC can not go to after dark for fear that they may be targeted and attacked, perhaps even killed.

Skypp is unapologetically unique and true to his own vision which for better or worse, sets himself apart from most of today’s rappers. He is quick to remind listeners of the difference between a “rapper” and a Hip Hop artist in which he proudly claims the latter.

It was a sobering interview because for the first time, The Tip Touch got to sit down and talk about the struggles that many inner-city Black Americans face and the hopelessness that comes with it. Skypp shared that over the past year he’s seen at least 20 of his peers lose their lives to street violence and about 25 incarcerated. Despite standing against the odds, Skypp carries a sense of optimism which is the fuel he uses to keep pushing in the music industry which has largely slept on the Indianapolis music scene. He wants to see that change.

Brett couldn’t help but notice the many similarities between Skypp and Tupac. One being both artists used their God-given talent to talk about subjects that news headlines refuse to cover such as “Sundown Town” yet can use that same talent to make a club banger if that’s what the people want.

Eddie’s favorite jam was “Fix Your Crown”, a solid gem on his latest music which can be found on Spotify, YouTube and all other major music outlets.


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