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Beyond Expectation Podcast

Jan 23, 2021

On this episode we take another look at the Capitol protest that occurred on 1/6 but quickly grew out of hand. MSM blamed it all on Trump supporters but Brett did a little snooping around and found that there were others there who completely can’t stand Trump but dressed up as Trump supporters to blend in and help raise the temperature. His focus was on John Sullivan, a 26-year-old loser from Utah who seems to be only interested in chaos rather than using protests to actually raise awareness. Brett seems to pick up on the pattern that when lefists start riots and cause tens of thousands of dollars in damage they merely get a slap on the wrist and barely ever serve jail time for their offenses. Meanwhile, if you’re a protester on the right, stealing a lectern can make you an instant domestic terrorist resulting in federal charges and almost certainly, years in prison. What’s going on? Is the CIA actually helping Antifa? Brett and Eduardo discuss.


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