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Beyond Expectation Podcast

Nov 28, 2020

With the holiday season upon us, the country is starting to see spikes in COVID cases. We discuss Quarantine 2.0. and what each side is trying to do about it. With both sides having polar opposite approaches, who’s right? Do we remain indoors and let our economy collapse, abuse cases increase, isolation-caused depression, etc or do we leave our masks at home and ignore the seriousness of the disease that is already overloading our hospitals?


Jay Inslee has a snitch line to call for covid violators but beware, your information, including your name, complaint, email address and phone number are gathered and made publicly available.


Paranormal activity in the Otto home? Did Brett’s daughter make friends with a little girl ghost in their home? Apparently, there are dark spirits that roam in our part of Washington state. Eddie talks about an encounter he had with what he thought could have been a ghost. That lead Brett to share stories of his belief that he has been protected from death at least 3X in his life thanks to guardian angels. Tip Touch going deep, y’all.


Eduardo talks about a time in Mexico when a wild, more than 1-ton bull broke loose from his bull pen and had our boy in his crosshairs. He also explains how Mexico is still the wild west when it comes to fireworks and danger.


In a rare glimpse into Brett’s past, he decides to shed a little light into some of the chaos that made him so…well…different. We’re talking cults, bounty hunters, fighting a kid whose dad was in jail for two murders, watching someone get sentenced to life in prison for killing a 19-year-old and so on. The list is sooo much deeper but Brett didn’t want to scare too many people off right away.


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Video shot & Edited by: Eduardo

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