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Beyond Expectation Podcast

Aug 17, 2020

On this episode we had the utmost pleasure of having Nicholaus Hale and Delbert Grush, two military veterans who served in Afghanistan on the show to raise awareness of the extremely high rates of suicide plaguing our military personnel and first responders. Nick and Delbert both had trouble reintegrating to life back at home and eventually partook in a life-changing program called Save A Warrior (SAW). Upon completion of the program, they witnessed how effective it was on their lives but knew there were so many others who’s lives could be saved if they too knew about SAW.

Delbert put a bike tour together called Tour FloHio that listeners can find on Facebook. He is aiming to raise $10,500 to put three veterans through through the SAW program. On this roughly 1,000-mile ride from Florida to Ohio, he will raise awareness about what SAW is and what the program did for him. Go to the Tour FloHio Facebook page to follow his journey and to donate funds for the Save A Warrior program. Nick decided to join and has his own set of goals he wants to achieve in addition to raising awareness.

If you want to get in touch with Nicholaus and Grush you can find them at the following:


FB: Nicholaus Hale

Instagram: @nicholaus.hale

GoFund Me: Donating through this link directly helps sponsor Nick’s portion of the ride. All surplus funds will go directly to the Save A Warrior program.


FB: Tour FloHio (for the tour), D.M. Grush (for personal page)


If you wish to donate to Save a Warrior, go to the Tour FloHio Facebook for direct links or text SAWALUMNI14 to 71777.


To follow the Tour FloHio journey you can follow it on the Stava app which can be found again on the Tour FloHio Facebook page.


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