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Beyond Expectation Podcast

May 17, 2020

On this episode we got the boys together and go ham on everything. Damon talks about his experience trying to collect unemployment due to the pandemic. The state didn’t even give him his first check until after he was back at work and got his first check from there first! Luckily wifey was holding him down and they made it but how many families don’t have someone who is able to support them. Total FAILURE on Washington State Unemployment Department.

We try to address what we feel the “new normal” will look like due to the outbreak from face masks being worn regularly, inflation, working from home, the national debt and the mental changes as well.

Ed has been watching The Last Dance, a Netflix docuseries on the GOAT himself, Michael Jordan. He’s enthralled at MJ’s champion mindset. It’s a must see, according the Ed.

With homelessness SKYROCKETING, the boys all came in with their own separate ideas. We should probably run on a local ticket. Four names: one ticket. Vote for the four amigos.

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