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Beyond Expectation Podcast

Jun 23, 2020

Brett went at this episode solo because there was so much to talk about in so little time. He talks about CHAZ -aka Capital Hill Autonomous Zone, what they are doing and who is involved. Mainstream media keeps missing key elements such as being unable to decipher that there is more than one group at work in...

Jun 23, 2020

Well, we did it folks. Seattle is officially getting national attention but not in that way that we wanted it. Brett explains what the Seattle dumpster fire known as “CHAZ” is all about and who is responsible. We are living in crazy times but can’t go through them without a sense of humor. Enjoy the episode!


Jun 9, 2020

The murder of George Floyd was the catalyst for millions of Americans across the country to fill city streets to protest police brutality, especially against black citizens. We know how important this momentous event is and took the opportunity to give our take.

Scott Hoard joined us on the podcast again to offer his...