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Beyond Expectation Podcast

Oct 1, 2021

Like we always do about this time. Eduardo and Brett are back for another weekly episode to touch tips on topics you didn’t know you needed to hear about.

ADA, ADA, ADA. Third largest cryptocurrency by marketcap, Cardano held their 2021 Summit with big news. Charles Hoskinson, founder of Cardano and CEO of IOHK announced a partnership with Dish and Boost Mobile. This is a big step toward the introduction of introducing decentralized blockchain technology to real-world usage.

The U.S. government hasn’t been shy about their ill feelings toward crypto technology with numerous lawsuits and promises of patrolling every single American’s tax papers for any usage of cryptocurrencies. Ripple is currently being sued; Kraken is too. The crypto world is genuinely confused at the government’s deliberate obfuscation of their understanding of crypto laws. For people who are trying to follow the law to the T, they aren’t getting any clarification whatsoever by the government. Brett sees crypto and the need for financial laws to become updated much like in the 90’s when section 230 of the Communications Decency Act had to be added to adapt to the internet and social media. Below is an article that goes into detail about taxes, crypto, and the potential to end up in front of the Supreme Court.

The crypto industry could take tax fight all the way to the Supreme Court (

This Corona craziness is getting out of hand, especially by the Federal government under President Joe Biden and liberal state governors. Brett read an opinion piece in the Seattle Times. (State Supreme Court oversteps on mandating vaccine | The Seattle Times) Finally a judge had the guts to stand up and remind us that Washington state governor, Jay Inslee and the Washington State Supreme Court are only in a supporting position when it comes to law. More specifically, covid shot mandates put in place by the aforementioned parties is unconstitutional. With Brett’s job on the line for his refusal to take the jab, he wrote the governor a letter. He put a link below so you too can let Jay Inslee know that you disagree with his unconstitutional decision to place mandates on many Washington workers.

Send Gov. Inslee an e-message | Governor Jay Inslee (

Good news for Dick’s Burgers workers! They are raising wages and providing more bennies for their employees such as tuition assistance, child care assistance, and higher wages. Mmm, sounds like Dick’s for dinner.

The Nanobots are coming! Eduardo talks about nano technology that is being made to detect airborne diseases in the future. The goal is to prepare quicker in the future for a potential outbreak. OMG – Covid-19,20,21, forever.

This is plenty for y’all to chew on until the next episode.


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