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Beyond Expectation Podcast

Sep 24, 2021

Eduardo and Brett are at it again with another jam-packed episode of mayhem. We talk about issues like the government now looking into US citizen’s bank accounts when transactions greater than $600 take place. WTF. We are starting to think Uncle Samuel has a drinking problem and every time he starts drinking he thinks everyone is cheating on him and he wants to see where his old lady is spending all her money.

Is there a civil war a brewin’? Brett thinks so and he’s giddy with excitement. He shares his thoughts on the episode. He notes the chaos that suddenly started as soon as Biden took office – the Afghanistan retreat from the Taliban, leaving over $10 billion worth of high-tech weaponry behind, the Biden administration manufactured humanitarian crises on our southern border, and of course the new mandate to force the jab on more than 80 million Americans. Is all this chaos being manufactured to start a World War and why? Brett shares his tin foil hat theory and it makes a lot of sense.

Eduardo brings up the nonchalant response by the US military after killing 7 children and three aid workers with a bomb dropped by a drone that General Mark Milley initially called a “righteous strike”. What is wrong with our military industrial complex? Everything.

Even though Eduardo is vaccinated, he still questions why so many people are exempt while the working class as being threatened with losing their jobs. Nicki Minaj tried asking questions about the vax and got lambasted by the MSM. That prompted her to compare the attack by the media to how Communist China treats dissidents there. Joe Rogan, who recently contracted the Chinese virus was also attacked by MSM when he chose to treat his symptoms with ivermectin and recuperated surprisingly quick. If it doesn’t fit their narrative you become unpersoned as much as they can.

Brett is declining to take the jab at all costs and talks about how fun it will to be homeless. Hopefully he doesn’t approach Eduardo’s car looking for change. Eddie explains why.

 Like always, we talk about the serious stuff without taking any of it seriously. The secret to all this chaos is not losing your sense of humor. Hope you enjoy the episode!



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