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Beyond Expectation Podcast

Jul 6, 2021

Though this episode may sound more aggressive than most, Brett swears his rants are for good reason toward the end. What was getting under his skin? Was it the news of John McAfee’s so-called “suicide” that happened to look very similar to Jeffery Epstein’s “suicide”? You know, that one that many people assume high level gub’ment officials orchestrated in the dead of the night and the cameras just happened not to be working at that very moment – and only that very moment. Eduardo’s opinion on UFO’s being made by aliens appears to be shifting as he shares his own skepticisms about such a far-fetched idea while acknowledging that the good ol’ U.S. of A could be the real developers of this new technology while pushing narratives from CNN to Hollywood that aliens MUST be coming from outer space.

Never afraid to call it like they see it, especially after a couple drinks, Brett and Eduardo have a wonderful time talking about the joys Britney Spears must be feeling while being under a conservatorship for nearly a decade and a half. That and much more on this episode of the Tip Touch!


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