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Beyond Expectation Podcast

Jul 23, 2021

Another action-packed episode full of tom foolery and nonsense. Grab some suds, blaze some bud and get ready to go nowhere in a hurry. Trigger Warning: This podcast is not created for those who need trigger warnings so this is your only warning to not listen to this or any of our other hilarious episodes. Sorry, chump. Do the world some good and go out there and get vaxxed. Already vaccine damaged? Put a mask on, two even and keep doing the Lord’s work. You’re making a difference.


[The Tip Touch Podcast]

Brett Otto & Eduardo Osorio (@thetiptouchpodcast) • Instagram photos and videos


Brett Otto (@the_notorious_b.r.e.t.t) • Instagram photos and videos


Eduardo Osorio Garcia (@edu_ardoe) • Instagram photos and videos

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