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Beyond Expectation Podcast

Apr 8, 2021

90’s and early 00s rapper, DMX recently ended up in the hospital reportedly from suffering a heart attack. There are rumors a drug overdose is what led to his heart attack. He has had a long battle with addiction starting when he was introduced to crack by his mentor at the age of 14. Brett shares his story about catching one of his friends try to slip amphetamines in with the weed they were smoking during his years in high school. He wasn’t so lucky another time when the he found out the joint he and his friends were smoking was laced with PCP. Eduardo shares his story about eating too many edibles at once and how he was tripping balls after he did so. Drugs are bad, mmmkay.


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Brett Otto & Eduardo Osorio (@thetiptouchpodcast) • Instagram photos and videos


Brett Otto (@the_notorious_b.r.e.t.t) • Instagram photos and videos


Eduardo Osorio Garcia (@edu_ardoe) • Instagram photos and videos

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