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Beyond Expectation Podcast

Mar 5, 2021

In celebration of Brett’s birthday, we popped open a wine bottle and got a little…tipsy. As the boys let loose Eduardo wanted to see how much of a wine aficionado Brett was and he didn’t hold back. Yeah.

Ed switched gears and brought up an interesting rumor about Seahawks quarterback, Russell Wilson. What the heck could be going on there?

The future is looking interesting. Could cow meat be a thing of the past? Before you answer that, let me ask you if you’ve ever had a Beyond Meat or Impossible Burger? What about Green energy? Once we are all driving electric cars that pretty much means the environment is safe, right? We have thoughts on this.

The Communist state of Washington has finally “allowed” indoor dining and Brett took advantage of it. The conversation then turns to the $1.9 trillion stimulus package being discussed by our overlords in DC. With covid deaths having comparable rates in red and blue states, the question is, why aren’t blue states opening up schools and businesses. Brett is at his wits end with the authoritarianism going on not just in Washington state but in other blue states and DC.

Ed had a positive experience with a local comics and collectables store and we wanted to give them a special shout out.

Brett took some time to share his experience as a cryptocurrency investor. So far, he’s already lost some Gs so that’s pretty cool. Despite his current losses, he’s still bullish on a certain crypto and even went as far as comparing the CEO of said crypto to none other than Steve Jobs. Whoa. Is that the vino talking or does he really mean that? I guess time will tell…


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