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Beyond Expectation Podcast

Feb 19, 2021

On this episode we stopped by Elev8ed Hair Lounge and sat down with the owner (and official Tip Touch barber) Milca aka Trippy Barber to catch up with our friend and entrepreneur. Over the past year the pandemic has created challenges for many of us along the way. For Trippy and her family, it was no different. Faced with looming financial pressures, raising a new baby and even repossession of their new car, she said “f*** it” and took life by the horns. Along the way, Trippy refused to lose hope nor forget what made her. With entrepreneurial instincts and her own unique sense of humor to boot, she decided it was time to grow beyond the barber shop and tap into the lucrative business of women’s beauty. Put simply, she went from fades to microblades.  

It was such a good conversation for us and we think you’ll enjoy it too. Please check Trippy Barber out if you are in the Everett, WA area! Tell her the Tip Touch sent you!



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Book your appointment from the link below and be sure to give her a 5-Star rating!

ELEV8D HAIR LOUNGE - Book Appointments Online - Booksy

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