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Beyond Expectation Podcast

Jul 10, 2020

Eduardo and Brett are so baffled at how wearing or not wearing face masks have become politicized. Nothing like a Plandemic (just kidding to all you serious folx) during an election year to keep us fighting. But seriously, wearing a face mask is one of the simplest, most considerate things you can do for your neighbors and your friends who are small business owners, workers, teachers or just people trying to make ends meet during an economic crisis.  We have opinions that must be heard.

We also address the Cancel Culture. You are hereby warned that if you do or say anything stupid ever that happens to be caught on video either by yourself or someone else, the cancel culture minions are waiting in the alleys of Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to strike. They smell blood and sense fear a mile away. Prepare to lose your job, scholarship or any other exciting opportunity that awaits. You’ve been cancelled by tens of thousands of college aged children with middle school mentalities and maturity. Loser.

The arrest of Jeffery Epstein’s right-hand woman, Ghislaine Maxwell was a complete surprise. Victims finally get another chance at justice but will it happen? With how many powerful, rich and connected people involved, Brett isn’t holding his breath. Eduardo even has his own theories about whether or not she goes out the same way as Jeffrey Epstein.

Brett explains the beef between Seattle city mayor, Jenny Durkan and City Councilmember, Kshama Sawant. This is no typical disagreement. This is war. This story is full of controversy, hypocrisy, irony and karma. Will the mayor be recalled? Will she be forced to resign? Will the councilmember get investigated? Will she be kicked out of her position? And what about CHAZ? Brett thought Eddie’s mind was going to explode with all the dirty details being shared.Enjoy.

Speaking of CHAZ, and Seattle in general – There are now two federal lawsuits against the City and one lawsuit filed in King County Superior Court against the City as well. Will Seattle have ANY money left after all these lawsuits?

Eduardo lets us all know that the experimental game streaming platform, Mixer is RIP.  Oh but he sheds light on a story about the Microsoft owned company that we’re sure people don’t want you to hear. Eddie had grown a nice following on Mixer but things change and people adapt. He shares his future plans in gaming.

We all know Will Smith likes to get Jiggy with it but does he get jiggy with an open marriage? Word on the web is that Will and Jada have a life long partnership that allows the couple to have “connections” with other people. Eduardo is waiting ever so patiently for Jada to clear the rumors on her Red Table Talk.  Well, well, well, well. Brett just so happens to have a friend who is in a similar position and spills the tea.

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