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Beyond Expectation Podcast

Mar 30, 2020

Eduardo and Brett are currently out of work and being quarantined. While both of their wives work, they talk about the role-reversals that have taken place at home, taking care of their baby girls, doing laundry, dishes and cleaning the house. Both desperately want to go back to work. 

Hollywood actress, Gal Gadot released her star-studded rendition of John Lennon's Imagine. Brett talks about why it was such a terrible idea. Rich celebrities telling millions of fans to imagine life with no possessions. Then telling tens of thousands on their death bed to imagine no heaven or religion - most likely the thing these people are clinging to the hardest. What is this, some sort of sick joke?

Netflix released a new docu-series titled, Tiger King which focuses on the eclectic, big cat breeder, Joe Exotic. Both Eduardo and Brett give their take on such an awkward situation. 

For those who want a big cat but don't have the room, Brett may have the answer: a Savannah cat. Google it. 

Eduardo spends some time talking about the gaming community and how welcoming and supportive they are to one another. Don't miss out on a giveaway Eduardo is doing on his Mixer channel @MaggPack. Tune in for details.  

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