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Beyond Expectation Podcast

Aug 20, 2021

If you’re reading this, we somehow by some miraculous reason managed to slip a very controversial episode past the Big Tech censors. Eddie decided to get his vaccination shot, feels great about doing it and wanted to share his experience. Brett, never shy about his skepticism shares an article in The Blaze that focuses on Natural Immunity and he questions why MSM, the CDC, and world governments refuse to acknowledge that element. For the record: Neither Eddie nor Brett are encouraging their listeners to get inoculated or refuse the jab. We feel it is a personal decision that you and only you (not the government, not the media, not society) can decide.

We recorded this episode in the midst of President Biden’s impulse decision to pull the military out of Afghanistan without any real exit strategy. It was a topic that was sensitive to Brett and he laid his feelings out there for the world to hear. 20 years and a trillion dollars later – for what?

Eddie wants to know where in the F our tax money is going and why don’t they make an app for that? It’s a question so many tax payers are asking as well.

Brett thinks America has already seen it’s best days and is now on a full fledges decline. He stumbled across a book that captures so many things that our elites are doing to destroy this country and invites Tip Touch listeners to check it out. It’s called Controlled Demolition of the American Empire by Jeff Berwick. If you would like to see where America is headed you can buy the book here.


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