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Beyond Expectation Podcast

Jan 29, 2021

Today we invited our friend, Miguel, founder of Mind + Soul to talk about the launch of his company’s new website: He’s introducing his first selection of sweatshirts and caps with different color options. Be sure to check it out to help support small businesses grow. Miguel was with us for about the first 30 minutes before he had to leave to attend his launch party.

Topics we cover on this episode:

  • The Joe Biden Inauguration. 25,000 armed National Guard soldiers given authority to use lethal force on American citizens.
  • The official White House YouTube page is getting ratio’d. They quickly disabled comments on every video. See it for yourself: So what is going on? How does the guy who got 80 million votes, the most ever, get ratio’d and forced to disable comments on the official White House page?
  • Even though Joe wasn’t getting love on the interwebs, someone else who was at the inauguration was: Bernie Sanders. A picture of him sitting in a chair wearing knit mittens went viral and it appears Bernie got the last laugh.
  • Trump’s last minute controversial pardons
  • Eduardo’s hobby of collecting Pokémon cards. While the rest of the U.S. was looking for the winning Mega Millions/Powerball ticket, Eduardo shares a story about striking gold recently collecting cards.




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