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Beyond Expectation Podcast

Jan 16, 2021

Brett shares his Christmas vacation experience about being in a super crowded area with hundreds of people while in the middle of a pandemic. He finds it so funny that people in good health are still allowing themselves to buy in to the media-induced fear that this pandemic is still a thing. People are waking up though so there’s still hope!


Eduardo shares about his gratefulness for having good people in his circle during such a tumultuous year.


Reality TV vs Reality: Brett has appeared on a number of 90 Day Fiancé projects. As an introvert, he probably wasn’t ready for the amount of attention he received – good and bad – all at once. He talks about getting rid of his social media years ago and his recent decision to come back in a limited scope. One thing he noticed was how different his cast members were in real life vs. on tv – and its reality tv! LOL. He gives his opinion on the pod.


2021 is already revealing that we’re not out of the woods yet as far as far trouble and calamity. Case in point: The Storming of the Capitol on January 6th, 2021.  Many Trump voters felt like the 2020 election didn’t follow previous norms which may have allowed widespread election fraud to take place. Courts have denied hearing cases due to “procedural errors”, MSM won’t even allow debate to take place, and Big Tech has largely silenced Trump voters on Facebook and Twitter. As far as the Capitol protest – Eduardo and Brett don’t seem to agree on much about this topic. Where do you you stand?


Are we living in two Americas? Is there one set of laws for the left and another for the right? Brett is convinced there is a double standard in our country. He cites how the protests were treated over the summer and how the police, politicians, big tech and media seemed to look the other way while businesses that had nothing to do with the protests were getting looted and burned to the ground. The media seemed to justify nearly every instance of it. Fast forward to the DC Capitol Protests and words like “insurrection” aka the actual attempt at overthrowing the government. The DC protest did see small pockets of unjustified violence but far, far less than anything our country saw during the summer in lives lost and damage. Again, Eduardo and Brett have largely differing views on this topic.


On a lighter note – As part of the newly passed COVID-19 Relief legislation, the Pentagon has six months from 12/21/2020 to disclose what it knows about UFOs. That’s good to know because Brett’s wife, Daya told him she saw a UFO on her way home from work. The truth is out there. In six months we expect answers. (6/21/2021).


Eduardo talks about the Apple Car. It could sync with your phone, watch, Would it be a success? At any rate, we are living in the age of robots. Our robots do everything for us and we ain’t mad. LOLZ.


Hope you enjoy the show!


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