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Beyond Expectation Podcast

Dec 12, 2020

Just coming off a hot interview with Yung Bree and Guada, the excitement was still live on this one. Brett came out swinging against the moms who attacked his wife on her Instagram page after she posted a video of Brett as the Grinch scaring their daughter. Yikes.

With more monoliths showing up all over the planet, Eduardo and Brett share their theories and wonder if the earth is even a sphere.

We talk about everything from Iranian nuclear physicists getting killed, the 2020 prez election, big tech suppression, sky rocketing amount of covid cases, and so on. Brett eventually breaks out his tin foil hat when the topic of government intervention comes up.

This is definitely a live episode. Did you disagree with anything we said? Did you agree? Share your thoughts in the comments section and we may read your message in the next episode.

Until we meet again.


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