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Beyond Expectation Podcast

Nov 6, 2020

As if 2020 wasn’t spooky enough, we are stepping into a major super spreader event known as Halloween. The boys talk about their strategies to stay covid-free…or not.  


Can we talk about this antiquated nuisance called Daylight Savings Time? What is the f******g point? The original intent was for farming something like 5 trillion years ago. Farmers have Apple Watches these days, yo. Ask Kanye. Soooo, can we just stop this already?


How can we talk about Election season without talking about Kanye first? He’s a genius! Hasn’t he told you yet? That’s about all the Ye I can handle. Now let’s talk about 50 Cent, Lil Wayne endorsing Trump and how the media says that by doing so, they are “splitting the black vote”. Ummm, nobody ever talks about splitting the white vote. What makes it okay for people to accuse blacks and Hispanics of splitting the vote of their race when they are freely voting for who they feel is best suited to run the country. Brett puts the pressure on Eduardo when he asks him, “Do you think Donald Trump is a white supremacist?” Listen to hear Ed’s response.  


The last time there was a global financial reset was after WWII when the Bretton Woods Agreement took place designating the US Dollar as the world’s reserve currency which at the time was backed by gold and intended to stabilize the global financial market. Since then, the US Dollar was taken off the “gold standard” while the US and other countries have found themselves in more debt than can be repaid. Brett thinks we are on the brink of another global financial reset which will replace paper fiat for digital currency. He has thoughts.


Speaking of money, while the country is campaigning for higher minimum wages, Brett talks about why that is the completely wrong approach to put more money in peoples’ pockets and what we should be looking at instead. Not that he’s an economist or anything but just listen…you’ll see.


Let’s talk about Joe Rogan and how his show has changed since his $100M deal with Spotify. Brett and Eduardo talk specifically about the recent episodes with Kanye West (ugh) and Alex Jones. They had totally different perspectives which made for an interesting conversation.


Did you really think we’d have an episode without UFO’s getting mentioned? Not a chance. Eduardo watched ‘The Phenomenon’, ( a documentary where government officials go on record to talk about UAVs and aliens. With so many different encounters, by civilians and government alike, are we still in denial about the existence of aliens, UAVs and the like? I want to believe!



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