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Beyond Expectation Podcast

Oct 24, 2020

The first tip touched is proper mask wearing etiquette for those slacking during a pandemic. Don’t be afraid of science, people!!! Wear your masks and wear them properly when mingling with other humans. It’s okay to be skeptical of the government and still protective of your community.


Eduardo and Brett discuss rising covid cases which for whatever reason, compels Brett to take a straight shot of 100 proof bourbon. Not good.


The conversation veered into some of the craziest/coolest things available on Amazon. Our two examples – The Squatty Potty and the Air Fryer that is controlled by your iPhone. This should be a good conversation.


Bigfoot!!! Brett met someone who revealed to him that he’s an active Bigfoot tracker. Mind blown. He shares a little bit of what this guy shared but promises to reach out to him to be a guest on a future episode. It’s gettin’ real y’all.


Voting season is among us!!! This year is unlike any other and we took the opportunity to talk about mail in voting. Can it be trusted? We share our thoughts.  


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