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Beyond Expectation Podcast

Sep 20, 2020

2020 has been the most tumultuous year our country has witnessed in a long time. Currently the West Coast is on fire from California to Washington state, Riots and civil unrest resulting on $2 billion in damages so far have largely been ignored by mostly Democratic leaders and politicians, the Presidential election is just weeks away and Ruth Bader Ginsburg just died allowing Trump to slide in one more Supreme Court Justice before he is either re-elected or Americans choose Biden instead. Oh, and in case you forgot, we’re still in a pandemic. But we didn’t come to talk about all that.

Instead, we wanted to talk about the catfight between WAP rapper Cardi B and conservative activist Candace Owens. Joe Biden, in a desperate attempt to save face after his disastrous interview with the Breakfast Club, sat down with Cardi B for a wide-ranging interview that addressed police brutality, the 2020 election and I’ll be honest, I didn’t listen to it so I can’t tell you what else. Google it if you’re interested. Candace Owens didn’t seem to like what she heard and came at Cardi on twitter. The two went back and forth until eventually Cardi’s fans convinced her she lost and the rapper took down her twitter thread. One point for Candace. Will Cardi come back for another round?

Joe Budden decided to cut ties with Spotify because he felt like he was worth more and the streaming platform seemed to disagree. Eduardo sheds some light on the situation where it appears Joe Budden may take an independent route to bring the popular podcast to its audience.

Scott joins us today to contribute to the conversation and has his own interesting takes on today’s topics. Residing in California only two hours away from the wildfire caused from a gender reveal party, needless to say, he’s feeling the heat. He also has some advice for listeners during these chaotic times – be nice. We are all in this chaos together and a helping hand goes a long way. Kindness always goes farther than anger.

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