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Beyond Expectation Podcast

Aug 8, 2020

Brad aka Mr. Spot the Fire was facing the same struggle many of us were in the beginning days of the pandemic. He wasn’t sure if his 9-5 was as secure as he’d like it to be so he started thinking about his options; one of which being his premium shoe resale side hustle. He explains what it took for him to finally plow forward with his side-hustle, which could potentially become his main income down the road.

It’s not all business with Eduardo and Brad. They take a little bit of time to discuss sports too. What teams does Brad think could be Super Bowl contenders this season? What is the NBA’s plan to make noise in empty colosseums? All that and more on another fantastic episode of the Tip Touch Podcast.

Show some love to our guest by going to @spotthefire on Instagram and checking out his inventory. He will have a website soon so give his page a follow to find out when.

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