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Beyond Expectation Podcast

Apr 19, 2020

Our guest on this episode was the one who convinced Eduardo to start streaming while he games. His name is Corey but the gaming community on Mixer knows him as BaldnBootyful. He shares his experiences and ideas about hosting, co-hosting, playing different games and interacting with his audience. Corey also talks about finding out he suffers from alopecia universalis, an autoimmune condition characterized by total hair loss on the scalp and body because it’s believed that the immune system mistakenly attacks the hair follicles.

While we are still in quarantine, we took a little bit of time to talk covid. The question is: Would YOU take the vaccination once it’s created in 12-18 months. We have thoughts.

All in all, it was a really good conversation and we look forward to having Corey back on in the near future.

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Corey:, Instagram, snapchat, facebook.