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Beyond Expectation Podcast

Mar 30, 2020

On this episode, we are delighted to have back on, Erika Shantini from Malaysia. With a 15-hour time difference, Eddie and Brett just woke up as Erika was getting ready for bed. She talks about what a quarantine looks like in her country (police blockades, mandatory face masks, etc.). Erika also shares stories about what her friends are reporting from other countries such as UK, Denmark, Germany, Venezuela, and Brazil. From video karaoke to street gangs patrolling the street, there are huge differences in ways local governments and community members are trying to limit the spread of covid-19.
Erika talks about the importance of exercise and how she manages to work out at home. Brett admits that being cooped up has caused a minor level of depression to set in and is willing to take Erika’s advice by working out at home – even if it’s just 30 seconds with the jump rope.
Other topics addressed are how US President, Donald Trump has enabled many in his base to discriminate Asians and Asian Americans with his labeling of covid-19 as a “Chinese virus”. People in his orbit have also referred to it as the “Kung Fu Flu” and the president has done very little to discourage such discriminatory behavior. The Seattle area and many other parts of the country have seen an uptick in attacks on Asians or their businesses and Brett feels President Trump and his base have played a key role in that despite his weak attempt on twitter to convince his base that Asians are not the problem. Too little, too late is Brett’s opinion.
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