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Beyond Expectation Podcast

Feb 21, 2020

On this episode of the podcast, Brett tells his story about getting approached by a Freemason to join their “secret society”. Then, a few years later he told this story to someone else who, to his surprise was also a Freemason. Did he take the oath?

Eduardo recently got back from Vancouver for the Fan Expo. He’ll shed details on that as well as his first impression of the city. Brett asks, “Are Canadians really as polite as we hear they are?”

The coronavirus, newly dubbed as COVID-19 has proven to be no laughing matter for Ed and Brett. After explaining why they didn’t initially treat it that seriously, they quickly changed their tune once it was clear that COVID-19 had turned into a pandemic.

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In 2012, Brett was invited to join the Freemasons. For years he didn't say anything about it until one day he decided to talk about it to another guy he worked with who, unbeknownst to him was also a Freemason. Awkward. 

Eduardo talks about his first time in Canada attending the Vancouver Fan Expo. What was his first impression of the city? He'll tell you on the podcast.